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by Melanie Wehrmacher

The Play

What would you do if you had to kill for survival? This is the question that two lone prisoners, Jones  and Williams, must face in an isolated cell in the not too distant future.

Press Release for STUDIO SCR: SCRAMBLE

Seven theatre ensembles on-the-edge come together at South Coast Repertory for an evening of comedy, dance, clowning and more. The sampling—performed in 10-minute sets called SCRamble—is part of Studio SCR and takes place on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 10 p.m., in the Nicholas Studio. 

SCRamble’s featured artists include Actors Circle Ensemble, Echo Hart Commons, Moving Arts, Rickerby Hinds, John Pick and The Smith and Martin Company, Ten West, and El Verde.


Actors Circle Ensemble presents The Experiment, written by Melanie Wehrmacher and directed by Tamiko Washington. The performers are Sean Burgos and Alexa Giuffre. Founded in 2011, Actors Circle creates complex and engaging characters in a theatrical environment to provoke thought, freedom of artistic expression, innovative ideas.


Alexa Giuffre

Sean Burgos

Directed by

Tamiko Washington 

Written by 

Melanie Wehrmacher 


LA WEEKLY & ArtsBeatLA Review by Pauline Adamek 

GO: EXPERIMENT Running a taut 20 minutes, Melanie Wehrmacher's play is exactly the right length for her slight yet compelling study of psychological torture. Two prisoners -- one male, one female and each scarred and badly beaten -- cower on the floor of a bare cell. Footsteps echo ominously, as does the intermittent tone of electrical torture followed by ghastly screams. Tensions run high as we observe this nervy pair unravel and turn on each other. Director Tamiko Washington nicely orchestrates the intensity, while Alexa Giuffre and Sean Burgos give convincing portrayals of pure anguish. It's an intense work. Theatre Asylum.

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