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Sean Burgos


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Sean Burgos was raised between both Los Angeles County and Orange County. In his youth, he never thought of becoming an actor as he was a timid child and usually kept to himself. It was not until his middle school years in which he discovered acting by accident. Instead of enrolling him in Fine and Sketch arts, the school had placed him in Drama much to his chagrin.


He found the calling upon his first Drama project, the monologue. Though he was petrified at the thought of it, it was his biggest relief yet as his instructor gave him a standing ovation. He then played his first ensemble role that very year as the Wolf in The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood by Judy Wolfman. From that point on, he continued pursuing acting throughout his high school and college years.


Sean received a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance with a Minor in German from Chapman University, a place in which he was able to truly hone his skills as an actor, both in theatre and in film.


Shortly after graduation, he created Actors Circle Ensemble with his mentor and professor, Tamiko Washington, and two fellow Chapman graduates, Casey Adler and Andre Stojka.  ACE is something special for Sean, as his roots are in theatre.


Currently, Sean is acting in theatre and film, as well as performing with in voice-overs for animation, video games and commercials.

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