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Education &

Youth Empowerment

June 20, 2020 at 5:00pm PST


The burden upon teachers has never been greater. With longer hours, lower pay, and higher bills, teachers work tirelessly for their students in a system that devalues their labor and expertise.

On June 20 at 8:00pm EST, PICplays presents three short plays via Zoom that explore parents’ unending demands for a teacher to mount fully-produced musicals under quarantine, to the accidental chaos of educating students from the confines of a personal computer, to ending with the real systemic issue of standardized tests and wealth inequality


Deborah Meier

The evening will conclude with a lecture and Q&A by Macarthur “genius” grant award winner Deborah Meier, who will discuss her lifework and passion for the democratization of schools.

Deborah Meier.jpg

The Plays

Written by Brigitte Viellieu-Davis

Directed by Christa Scott-Reed

Written by Julia Doolittle

Directed by Jessica Francis Fichter

Written by Maggie Levin

Directed by Helen Highfield

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