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DaVinci International Film Festial - Vitruvian Awad


by Casey J. Adler


  • Birdy placed as a 2018-2019 Playwright Finalist for the ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition out of 700 plays, which included David Lindsey-Abair and Donald Margulies on the jury.

The Play

Contemporary America is frayed by race, religion, and politics. All three issues find their way into the musical intensity of the Warlo family. If American society is to move forward in its pursuit of positive change, do we need forgiveness or guidance? This grand question is asked on a microscopic level in ​Birdy​.

While piano teacher Birdy Warlo teaches her pupil, her estranged daughter Jakari returns home with a bombshell request: sign the divorce papers to Birdy’s second husband so Jakari can marry him.

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