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Andre Devin


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Andre Stojka was born into a theatrical family. Ever since he was young, he was fascinated with the works of Shakespeare, and was taken to see everything from older musicals to one night releases of black and white films.


Thus, he fell in love with performance, of all kinds. Slapstick comedy, Greek Tragedies, the topical realism of Arthur Miller, and everything in between. 


His unique look and build have opened up a world of characters for him to play and perform. A hulking multi-ethnic man standing over 6 ft tall, over 200 lbs, and with a massive frame, Andre looks and acts with unique sense of power that is contrasted by his big heart and unusual vulnerability and sensitivity.


These unique qualities lead him to pursue acting in a collegiate environment. He has recently received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from Chapman University. It is in this setting that he explored film as well as theatre, accepting many different projects to hone his skills. 


Shortly after graduating he, Tamiko Washington, and two fellow company members and graduates, Casey Adler and Sean Burgos, created Actors Circle Ensemble, in which he debuted as Joey in Israel Horovitzs The Indian Wants the Bronx and Sal in Jim Geoghans Tom & Jerry.

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