Actors Circle Ensemble is proud to introduce our latest New Works series: PICplays - Perform. Inform. Change.

A deep and closer look into important and impactful global issues that we face everyday. This informative series brings together new short plays by talented playwrights covering these urgent matters, coupled with an insightful discourse and Q&A with renowned guest speakers who are experts in their fields. And it is all done.... ONLINE!

To learn more about this brand new series:



An independent, 501(c)3 non-profit Theatre Company based in Los Angeles.  


ACE is dedicated to creating complex and engaging characters in a theatrical environment that provokes thought, freedom of artistic expression, innovative ideas, and the conviction to inspire audiences to share and experience theatre and its humanity.



From 2007 to 2011, Chapman University Professor Tamiko Washington taught, mentored, and honed the talents of Casey J. Adler, Sean Burgos, and Andre Stojka in voice, movement, and theatrical performance. By the time these students were ready to graduate, they were also ready to create a professional theatre company with their professor and friend.  Each of these unique individuals came together with the drive, ambition and obsession to tell the most engaging stories on stage.


Two months after its foundation - on May 25, 2011 - the company made its debut with a riveting production of two one-act plays at The Ivy Substation in Culver City, CA (home of "The Actors Gang"). The plays included The Indian Wants the Bronx by Israel Horovitz and Tom & Jerry by Jim Geoghan.


In its debut, ACE embraced an astounding reception from the audience. Just another incentive for the company to continue bringing great theatre to Los Angeles.


For over 5 years, ACE has continued to bring engaging stories to the stage. Whether it is with it's mainstage productions, or through its annual new playwrights festival, OC-Centric in which new writers are handpicked and given the opportunity to have their original plays produced; ACE is at the forefront of telling great stories!