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Series I Finale Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert Pollin

In it's final event V: Health Care, PICplays had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening discussion on the imbalances in the nature of Health Care with guest speaker and renowned economst: Dr. Robert Pollin.

PICplays featured on BROADWAY WORLD!

Broadway World.png

The longtime theatre publication: BROADWAY WORLD, has featured a piece on the PICplays Series I Finale: Event V - Health Care.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Donavan L. Ramon on the topic of Racial Passing

In our fourth and major event, Discrimination, we had the pleasure of sitting down with guest speaker: Dr. Donavan L. Ramon to discuss a seldom, yet equally important topic: Racial Passing.

Guest Speaker: Deborah Meier on the Democratization of Schools

PICplays had the honor of presenting guest speaker Deborah Meier in Event III: Education & Youth Empowerment. Deborah brings to light the plight of our public education system and offers her insight on a proven idea to help save our schools.

A Q&A Session with the Playwrights of PICplays: Event III - Education & Youth Empowerment

Bringing together the talented playwrights of PICplays' third event for a entertaining Q&A on their process, work, and more importantly their thoughts on the Education & Empowerment of our Youth. Featuring Maggie Levin, Julia Doolittle, Brigitte Viellieu-Davis.

PICplays: Event II


Q&A with

Dr. Shannon Elizabeth Bell

Creative Director of PICplays, Casey J. Adler conducts an insightful Q&A with Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Shannon Elizabeth Bell, author of the 2017 Winner of the PROSE Award for Fighting King Coal.

PICplays: Event I

Unionism In America Q&A with Dr. Erik Loomis

Creative Director of PICplays, Casey J. Adler conducts an insightful Q&A with Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Erik Loomis, acclaimed labor historian and author of The History of America In 10 Strikes.

Once More With Feeling 

Podcast Interview

Host: Rene Marino interviews PICplays Creative Directors, Casey J. Adler & Victoria Nilsson on featured Podcast: Once More With Feeling



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